The White Crater Belongs to the List of the Best Bandung Attractions

A vacation to Bandung is a new experience for everyone. Many Bandung attractions are waiting for you. One of them is the White Crater. It’s actually one of the most famous tourist spots in this city. Many local and foreign tourists come here every day. Where is it? The white crater is situated in the southern part of Bandung. It’s surrounded by Walini tea garden. You can feel a peaceful atmosphere in this location. It’s suitable for a family vacation. Still, you can come here alone too.

About the Crater

What is the White Crater of Bandung? It’s the remaining of Patuha Mountain’s eruption. It was formed since the 10th century. In the past, local people considered it as a sacred and haunted place. However, an expert said that it was a beautiful place. He was Franz Wilhelm who found the crater. The location became a tourist spot since 1087. The local government took a good care of it as one of tops vacation spots in Ciwidey Bandung. Today, many people come to the location often.

As one of the greatest Bandung attractions, the White Crater has attracted both domestic and foreign visitors. If you come from Bandung city, you need to go to the south. It’s about 50 Km from the center of the city. It is easy to reach it. You only need to pay attention to the street signs. These will guide you to the White Crater. If you come from Jakarta, you should use the Cipularang freeway. Once you reach the exit of Kopo freeway, you must turn right. Your destination is Soreang in South Ciwidey.

Reaching the White Crater

Usually, tourists use a public transport to visit the White Crater. Are you interested? You can start from Leuwi Panjang station. The destination is the Ciwidey station. From that location, you can use a local transportation to Situ Patenggang. The vehicle may send you to the gate of the crater. If you use a private vehicle, you must pay the parking ticket. The upper parking lot charges you more than the lower area. It’s because many visitors come to Bandung attractions every day. You must find the right spot for your vehicle.

The local government pays a good attention to the White Crater and other Bandung attractions. You can enjoy numerous facilities such as spacious parking lot, restrooms, Mushala, and eateries. If you want to spend a night at such location, you can find some hotels nearby. Make sure that you pick the right hotel. If you want further tourism info, you can visit

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